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My name is Cristina. Over the last 12 years I have done hundreds of brides hair and makeup. I have booked and scheduled weddings and led a team with 20-30 services at the time. I grew my business before social media and that's what I am here to teach you. I have built my dream bridal business and I'm going to share with you how you can too!

I'm so excited to bring to you my Master you Bridal Business Online! This is an intense class for bridal artists and stylists in the industry. This class will be focused on the bridal business. The best part is that it will be online! You can take it at your own pace and any where in the world.

I understand that this course is not for every stylist out there but if you're ready to scale your business and book your dream brides, This is the course for you!

Master Your Bridal Business

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